स्वतन्त्रता र प्रजातन्त्रको लागि विश्व संगठन “World League for Freedom and Democracy”(WLFD) Nepal  has been established in keeping with the objective of preparing free and competent citizen and facilitate for the welfare management of necessary education training and employment for the cause of developing competent social member and develop entrepreneurship through the enhancement of Nepal and freedom, universal human right, multiparty democracy, fostering federal system and conducting the research at the social level to support for the sustainable development of Nepal and Nepalese people.

About Us:

WLFD Nepal is established in 2003. This organization is a non-governmental, non-profit and non-political organization of Nepal. The WLFD, Nepal , organization is a full fledge Chapter of Headquarters of World League for Freedom and Democracy, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. recognized on January 18, 2006.

Objectives and Conducted Social Services:

WLFD Nepal Chapter has dedicated itself since last one and a half decade and working for humanitarian social welfare to help poor underprivileged people, uneducated children, senior citizen, homeless family, providing them free health checkup by Doctors, Nurses with free medicines, food in the main city and  remote areas of Nepal. It is also working for education and literature; health and clean drinking water, ecology, conservation of biodiversity, culture for the bright future of children, youth and entire Nepalese people. Its spreads the ideas and message of peace, freedom, democratic values, independence and human rights in Nepal and abroad and supports their universal application

The main goal of this Chapter is to develop economic and cultural relationship and mutual understandings and to promote freedom, democracy, human and fundamental rights in Nepal and to the nook and corners of the world and support their universal application for the social welfare and economic development of the Nepalese people in accordance with the philosophy and principles of the WLFD Headquarters. Nepal Chapter has dedicated itself with various social welfare activities to support uneducated, orphans, poor, needy underprivileged, homeless and insurgency-affected people, children for providing education and basic care for these subjects and also conduct research works in these areas for the sustainable development of Nepal and Nepalese people.

This organization is working in different fields in Nepal such as, HIV/AIDS , corruption, freedom, democracy, voting rights creating awareness among the man and women, students and in their basic needs and it is also involved in other social welfare sectors in Nepal such as to be coordinator for international cooperation in economic development for the better standard of life of the Nepalese people. WLFD Nepal Chapter follows the aim and the objective of the WLFD Headquarters , Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. and joins in it to propagate its aim and objectives among the people of Nepal. Nepal Chapter also conducts research works for peace, freedom and democracy at the social level.

WLFD Nepal Chapter has participated in national international conferences and conducted in various theme awareness in Nepal since 2003.

After the earthquake in Nepal, WLFD Nepal Chapter relief distribution cloth, food medicine to earthquake victim people and educational instruments support to the poor student and homeless family in the rural area. Nepal Chapter will always be at their side to help those who are in need.

Our mission and vision encompass the freedom and democracy loving people for their success and prosperity in the world.

What We Do

   Peace

   Freedom

   Sustainable Democracy

   Human Rights

   Humanitarian Support

   Secularism

   International Affairs

   Anti- Corruption

   Poverty Alleviation

   Education and Vocational Training

   Employment

   Women’s Empowerment

   Save the Children

   Awareness on Different Aspects Such as Health, Environment